• Creamy clam dip spiked with jalapeño peppers served warm with sliced baguettes

    $4.29 per personIn Stock

  • Our award-winning Avocado Corn Salsa! Chopped avocados, roasted red peppers, red onions and sweet corn, tossed with l...

    $4.29 per personIn Stock

  • Pureed kale, sun-dried tomatoes, tahini and chickpeas, served with pita triangles

    $3.59 per personIn Stock

  • A creamy blend of Brie, Parmesan and herbed cream cheese with artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes

    $3.99 per personIn Stock

  • $39.99 each
    serves 8-10In Stock

  • Creamy dips served in hollowed sourdough bread bowls, accompanied by bite-sized pieces of bread and crackers

    $2.99 per personIn Stock

  • Choose from a selection of Mediterranean spreads, served with pita or focaccia toasts

    $3.49 per personIn Stock

  • Minimum Order Amount: 10 people

    $2.99 per personIn Stock

  • Maryland creamy crab dip with a touch of Old Bay seasoning, served warm with sliced baguettes

    $6.29 per personIn Stock

  • A classic Mexican cheese and chili dip served warm with tri-colored corn tortilla chips

    $4.29 per personIn Stock

  • Creamy dip with shredded grilled chicken, celery and hot pepper sauce, topped with blue cheese crumbles and served wi...

    $4.29 per personIn Stock