Dessert Appetizers

Most of our assortments include items that contain nuts

  • Our homemade mini fudge brownies, marble brownies, lemon bars, toffee nut bars, decadent caramel bars, white chocolat...

    Price: $4.19 In Stock

  • New York style cheesecake with an Oreo cookie crust

    Price: $29.99 In Stock

  • An assortment of house made sandwich cookies including...

    Price: $3.29 In Stock

  • Brightly colored almond macaroons flavored with pistachio, mocha, strawberry and lemon

    Price: $2.99 In Stock

  • Rich fudge brownies dipped in chocolate and presented on a stick

    Price: $2.29 In Stock

  • Tiny cups of key lime custard on a graham cracker base or creamy chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and shave...

    Price: $2.49 In Stock

  • A display of individually sized tartlets including...

    Price: $5.29 In Stock

  • An assortment of our delicious house made miniature cookies displayed with cubed seasonal fruit

    Price: $4.19 In Stock

  • A tantalizing display of mini sweets including fudge brownies, toffee nut bars, white and dark chocolate coated...

    Price: $3.99 In Stock

  • A variety of petit fours, nut tarts, cream puffs, Napoleons, éclairs, fresh fruit tartlettes and our baker’s specials

    Price: $4.99 In Stock

  • A variety of bite size cupcakes to include classic vanilla, double chocolate fudge, Guinness chocolate and lemon with...

    Price: $3.49 In Stock

  • Freshly baked mini chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and café latte

    Price: $2.99 In Stock

  • Mini cannolis, coconut macaroons amd lacy chocolate Florentine lace cookies

    Price: $5.29 In Stock