Hot Entrées

  • Lump crab with herbs and Old Bay, served with lemon caper sauce

    $13.99 per personIn Stock

  • Salmon filets lightly brushed with a brown sugar soy glaze and served on a bed of seared baby bok choy

    $139.99 each
    serves 10-12In Stock

  • A taste of the tropics with this warm curry, shrimp and rice

    $12.69 per personIn Stock

  • A Louisiana favorite with shrimp, Andouille sausage, chicken breast and rice, simmered with sweet peppers, onion, cel...

    $8.99 per person
    12oz per servingIn Stock

  • Brisket of beef braised with onions, garlic, beef stock and Guinness Stout, sliced and served warm

    $10.99 per person
    6oz per servingIn Stock

  • Tender chicken breast stuffed with andouillie sausage and crayfish

    $12.99 per personIn Stock

  • Tender chicken breasts seasoned with our signature spice mix, rolled with prosciutto, fresh sage and provolone

    $10.49 per personIn Stock

  • Tender chicken breast medallions simmered in a light Dijon cream sauce with scallions and mushrooms

    $9.49 per person
    6oz per servingIn Stock

  • Roasted boneless chicken thighs marinated in lemongrass, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, cilantro and curry powder.

    $9.49 per personIn Stock

  • Tender chicken breasts coated with grated Parmesan and Italian breadcrumbs, baked with our classic marinara sauce

    $11.49 per personIn Stock

  • Thin slices of sautĂ©ed eggplant layered with fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese and our vegetarian chunky tomato-bas...

    $89.99 each pan
    serves 9-12In Stock

  • Sliced roasted eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, red onion and peppers layered with three cheeses, crowned with pest...

    $99.99 each pan
    serves 12In Stock

  • Colorful peppers stuffed with quinoa and drizzled with tahini sauce

    $8.49 per personIn Stock

  • La Prima's own vegan 'meat'loaf. Made with lentils, brown rice, onions, garlic and fresh herbs glazed with barbecue s...

    $7.49 per personIn Stock

  • Marinated grilled chicken, steak, shrimp or portobello mushrooms served warm with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, chedd...

    $14.99 per personIn Stock

  • A pocket of our freshly baked dough stuffed with three Italian cheeses and your choice of filling and a choice of sau...

    $8.69 eachIn Stock

  • Select from flank steak, shrimp, or chicken arranged on a large kabob with red and green peppers, red onions, golden ...

    $12.59 per person
    2 skewers per servingIn Stock

  • Spiced turkey sausage with chopped spinach and fennel

    $99.99 each pan
    serves 9-12In Stock

  • Your choice of chili. Served in a crock pot with tortilla chips, cheddar cheese and green onions

    $9.49 per personIn Stock

  • Choose from our homemade selection of pinwheel-style lasagna

    $109.99 each pan
    serves 12-15In Stock

  • Homemade ziti pasta multi-layered with fresh mozzarella, ricotta cheese and a vegetarian chunky tomato basil sauce

    $79.99 each pan
    serves 9-10In Stock

  • Layers of ziti pasta with a creamy mushroom rosemary white sauce

    $89.99 each pan
    serves 9-10In Stock

  • Original creations, perfect for buffet dining. Certain meat toppings require additional charge

    $9.69 per personIn Stock

  • A new assortment of gourmet breads, perfect with any meal

    $1.49 per personIn Stock

  • Our traditional bread basket including herbed focaccia, baguettes and dinner rolls

    $0.99 per personIn Stock

  • House made jalapeño corn bread with sweet butter - Sold by the pan, serves 15-20

    $19.99 each pan
    serves 15-20In Stock

  • Pizza dough knots tossed in seasoned garlic butter, sold by the dozen

    $17.99 per dozenIn Stock