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Please allow one day advance notice.

Choose a starch - pasta, brown or white rice, or roasted potatoes
Choose a meat - grilled chicken breast, flank steak, shrimp, mini meatballs, or Italian sausage

Choose an original sauce:

  • Florentine - Light cream sauce with spinach and a touch of spicy tomato
  • Rosemary Alfredo - Our classic Parmesan cream sauce with mushrooms, infused with fresh rosemary
  • Cacciatore - Tomato sauce with sweet bell peppers and mushrooms
  • Teriyaki - Classic Asian brown sauce with peppers and toasted sesame seeds
  • Pomodoro - A classic tomato sauce with onions, basil and olive oil
  • Sherried Mushroom - A flavorful vegetable reduction with sauteed mushrooms, cream and sherry
  • Provencal - Chunky tomatoes with artichokes, roasted peppers and black kalamata olives
  • Caponata - Roasted eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and capers
Please note that your meat choice will be served in the sauce as seen in the photo.

Minimum Order Amount: 10 people
Order in increments of 5

*You may order bread at an additional cost.

Hot Buffet Collection

Original creations, perfect for buffet dining. Certain meat toppings require additional charge

Base Price: $9.29 Customized Price: $9.29 per Person

Minimum order of 10 required.

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