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Spotlight: Western Omelette Calzones

June 05, 2015

Western Omelette Calzone

A new take on our traditional lunch calzones, these Western Omelette Calzones are filled with scrambled eggs, hot and sweet peppers, onion and Monterey jack cheese. You can now enjoy your hot breakfast on the go with these easy to carry calzones.

Our Executive Chef, Kyle Vermeulen, loves food with a bit of a kick. Specializing in BBQs, Cajun-inspired meals and Southwestern flavors, the Western Omelette Calzone is one of his favorite new items.

“It combines the best we have to offer in the Full Breakfast, but it gives our clients something new to enjoy.”

Try the new Breakfast Calzones and let us know what you think!


"The Pakistani delegation loved the food prepared for their luncheon, one question? Could you open a restaurant in Pakistan? "

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