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A Toast to the Season with Eggnog

Peppermint Eggnog

Written by Sales & Event Manager, Brittany Agro

There’s nothing like drinking eggnog at a holiday party or with family gathered around the fireplace. This traditional favorite drink has not only become a seasonal staple, but also one that comes with a festive history…

Based on a medieval drink called posset that consisted of milk, often eggs and some form of alcohol like sherry or Madeira, eggnog was originally enjoyed by the British aristocracy. In the winter months, the wealthy would drink warm milk mixed with eggs, spices and liquors. Eventually, American colonies were able to harvest these ingredients from their own farms and began enjoying it as well. Fun Fact: The eggnog we consume today is uniquely American thanks to rum, a key component to the alcoholic version.

The best part about eggnog is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, with or without liquor, warm or cold. It can even be made into a peppermint eggnog punch, and I have a fabulous recipe for it. Enjoy!

Photo from The Crafting Chicks /*/ Recipe from All Recipes


  • 1 quart peppermint ice cream
  • 1 cup rum
  • 1 quart eggnog
  • 4 (12 oz) cans or bottles of chilled ginger ale
  • 24 small peppermint candy canes, for garnish
  • Set aside 2 or 3 round scoops of ice cream in the freezer for garnish. Stir remaining ice cream until softened. Gradually stir in eggnog and rum. Transfer to a punch bowl, and stir in ginger ale. Hang candy canes around the edge of the punchbowl. Float reserved ice cream scoops on top, and serve immediately.


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