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"Smoking" Tips from Chef Kyle - Part 1

Smoking on the Grill

Smoking is a great way to add flavor to anything you are grilling.

• You can smoke pretty much any kind of meat, vegetable or even fruit to add flavor beyond marinade.

• Trust your judgment on flavors.

• Try a variety of woods till you find your perfect flavor; hickory, cherry and apple natural woods, to start.

• You can get a variety of woods pretty much anywhere you can buy a grill – try your local home improvement store or nursery.

• As you experiment, you may find that certain woods combine with certain food better than others.

• In order to pull out the best smokes, remember that the heat depends on the ratio between charcoal and wood – you get more heat with more charcoal, less heat with more wood.

• The amount of smoke can vary depending on heat - the hotter the temperature the less smoke and less wood flavor.


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