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Taking the “ick” out of Crickets!

Meat Lovers

The La Prima Food Group and La Prima Catering is the first local caterer to offer edible insects as part of its corporate on line and drop-off menu. The new Chocolate Bug Bars available in August 2019, combine dark chocolate, figs, oats, cranberries, coconuts and macadamia nuts with protein rich crickets for a delicious, protein rich sustainable snack.

These weren’t created for an episode of Fear Factor, on a dare or a fraternity initiation stunt, but rather to introduce our clients to what has become a very viable and sustainable source of protein. Executive Chef Kyle Vermuellen explains, “The search for alternative meats and proteins is on the rise and edible insects top the list of 2019 food trends.”

But, well, ewwww……

“Edible insects are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. Americans have been behind the curve on this, but millennials are changing all that, “ Vermuellen continued.

But, well, still ewwww…

“We understand that some of our clients may be a bit squeamish about eating insects, but nearly everyone loves chocolate.”

In a groundbreaking report published in 2013, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization noted that including edible insects in our diet will reduce greenhouse gases, reduce food insecurity around the world, reduce food-borne illnesses and provide an alternative, efficient and eco-friendly source of protein, amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals.

Consider these facts:

  • Around 2 billion people around the world already consume insects regularly as part of their diet

  • Meat production is a major factor in global warming and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Over 30% of our arable land is currently used for agriculture, but farming edible insects can be done vertically and in urban areas. With a growing world population, dedicating so much of our land to livestock production is not sustainable.

  • Meat production uses nearly 2000 times the water used in farming insects, making edible insects a necessary component to preserving our natural resources

  • Over 80% of the cricket is edible compared with just 40% of a cow, thus reducing food waste

Thirty years ago, most Americans thought sushi was not appealing. Thirty years from now, we may very well see restaurants and gourmet markets dedicated to bugs. But now, those brave enough, open-minded enough, and environmentally-conscious enough, our Chocolate Cricket Bug Bars might be just the thing!


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