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Are Virtual Events the Future?

The COVID pandemic has affected businesses in many ways. In the events and catering industry particularly, large-scale events, galas and weddings have had to be canceled or postponed. These once-in-a-lifetime events have had a huge impact on the events industry in general. But on a smaller scale, the day-to-day operations of business meetings with luncheons and small company celebrations are also affecting the catering world. There is clearly a shift happening in the way events will operate now and in the future.

There is no clear answer as to when companies will be operating as they did. Working from home is becoming a standard practice and companies are moving their meetings and events online. So, are virtual events and meetings the future? Our Event Manager, Alberto Trevizo thinks so…

“Yes, I believe virtual events are the future, Companies can accomplish the same goals of communication to their guests while also recognizing sponsors to a much larger and broader audience. It also provides companies big savings by not having the cost of travel, catering staff, equipment or a venue rental.”

Alberto has been planning virtual events since the pandemic started. He has seen the success that virtual events can have overall while also saving companies a lot of money. It is also important to keep company moral high. Both goals can be accomplished with a virtual event.

For the catering world in particular, Alberto broke down the logistics of how a virtual event works. Catering companies can still provide a great meal to guests and here is how…

  • Companies work with an event manager like Alberto and figure out a menu. The menu can still include appetizers, a first course, entrée, and even dessert!

  • The logistics and timing are discussed to include when the food will be delivered to the home of every guest (locally), which is typically the day before the event. The delivery includes heating and serving instructions.

  • If the company has other swag items they would like their guests to receive, the caterer could deliver them with the food.

Alberto advises that companies start planning early to explore all the possible options and figure out the logistics. He also suggests hiring a video expert to run the event and make it fun! Include activities such as best dressed, funniest face, and live demonstrations or entertainment.

If your company has an event on the horizon and wants to hold it digitally, get in touch with us to learn more about how to host a virtual event-the costs-and how you can achieve your company’s main goals!


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