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The Daily Dish Program

The Daily Dish Program was designed to help companies feed their associates safely, with healthy, delicious meal options, as they began to return to their workplaces after COVID. While many office workers have returned to the office, safety protocols and precautions remain standard. As such, our corporate meal delivery program is an excellent option for today’s companies that have employees coming to their offices.

What is the Daily Dish by La Prima Catering?

The Daily Dish by La Prima Catering is a flexible meal program that was designed to enable employers to maintain a safe workplace as employees begin to return to the office. Each week, there will be a new menu that includes hot entrée and vegetarian entrée options as well as a selection of sandwiches and salads for your staff to choose from each day. You will receive a dedicated link for your location with flexible payment options – all you have to do is send it out to your team and have them place their own lunch orders.

How will the meals be delivered?

Meals will be delivered individually wrapped and labeled with each person’s name. We will bring all the meals to your door for you to distribute accordingly.

What if my company wants each employee to pay for their own lunch?

Not a problem! We can integrate payment into your weekly link, so each employee will be required to submit payment to us when they place their order.

Management wants to pay for all or a portion of the employee’s lunches. Is that possible?

Absolutely! We can bill the full amount, or a portion of each lunch to your company.

What if we only want lunch delivered to us a few days a week?

We’ve got you covered! We can deliver as many days a week as you want.

I’m a Property Manager, can I still use the Daily Dish?

Absolutely! The Daily Dish by La Prima Catering Catering is a great perk that residential or corporate property managers can offer their tenants. We can require a payment for each person placing an order, so all you have to do is send out the link and orchestrate the pick-up for your tenants after we’ve delivered the meals to one central location.

How much does the Daily Dish by La Prima Catering cost?

Meals are $12.49 per person. That can be billed to each individual person ordering, or we can bill a portion or that full amount to your company.

What does a sample menu look like?

Here’s an idea of what a week’s menu can look like. Each day, participants can select the daily entrée selection, or can select a sandwich or salad alternative.

Monday: Your choice of southwestern turkey bbq sandwich or vegan burger served with lemon cucumber couscous salad and coleslaw

Tuesday: Your choice of beef or vegetarian pinwheel lasagna served with garden salad and a garlic knot

Thursday: Your choice of shrimp or vegetarian island curry served with rice and grilled vegetables

Friday: Your choice of chicken parmesan or vegetarian quinoa stuffed pepper served with pasta and caesar salad

Sandwich and Wrap Selections (served with potato chips and fresh fruit):

- Lemon Pepper Tuna Salad Sandwich with cucumber and tomato

- Buffalo Chicken Wrap with blue cheese, shredded lettuce, and tomatoes on a flour tortilla

- Cajun Chicken Sandwich with havarti, roasted red pepper, and chipotle cream on a baguette

- Turkey and Havarti with lemon caper mayonnaise

- Roast Beef Wrap with bacon, blue cheese and tomato

- Smoked Mozzarella Sandwich with basil pesto and roasted tomatoes (vegetarian, contains nuts)

- Garden Salad Wrap with lettuce, peppers, cucumber, carrots, radish and tomato pesto (vegan)

Salad Selections (served with a dinner roll):

- Caesar Salad topped with choice of grilled chicken or grilled vegetables

- Citrus Spinach Salad topped with choice of grilled chicken or grilled vegetables

- Garden Salad topped with scoop of lemon pepper tuna salad

We used to do monthly employee recognition lunches. Can the Daily Dish by La Prima Catering be used for that?

YES! Food is a HUGE part of office culture. Free lunches are a great way to motivate or recognize staff that has gone above and beyond. Just because times are a little different doesn’t mean traditions like employee recognition lunches can’t continue. This CNN Article sums up perfectly how offices can still bring food into the office safely amidst lingering coronavirus concerns.

If we haven’t convinced you that The Daily Dish by La Prima Catering is the perfect solution for maintaining a safe office (or residential building) as people return to in-person work yet, check out what one happy customer has to say:

“Each meal presentation arrives in secure, clean, well wrapped and bagged packaging that is individually identified with the person’s name and meal choice,” Isabel from Bayview Loan Servicing stated. “Flatware, napkins and salt and pepper are all packaged so there are no germs,” she continued, “and the ordering is so simple, with multiple hot and cold choices, plus your selection is confirmed in a return email so there are no errors.”

Want more dish on the Daily Dish by La Prima Catering or ready to give it a try in your building? Give us a call at 301.220.1001 or email us at info@laprimacatering.com.


"Fabulous to deal with! I had a family gathering of 26 for two meals in a "remote" location. La Prima was great to work with despite the distance from Philly. They were so helpful in selecting items within my budget. They showed up on time, the presentation was very well arranged, and most importantly - the food was delicious! They even provided containers for the leftovers and took trash with them! "

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