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Ingredients We Love: Avocados

At La Prima, we believe you should have catering options that are healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Throughout 2024, we will provide regular highlights of our favorite ingredients. We will will share what makes them so great and where you can find them on our menu. Let's make 2024 the healthiest, and tastiest year yet! Our first ingredient, Avocado.
Top picks for Avocado on our menu? Our Avocado Corn Salsa is one of our most popular items, as is our freshly prepared guacamole, which we love best with our fajita entrées. And feel free to reach out and add avocado to almost any sandwich or wrap!


"My company used La Prima for lunch! They had such an amazing variety of options and accommodations. As a gluten free person I was very satisfied with the gluten free options. Would definitely recommend this catering business to anyone."

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