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Green Catering

February 25, 2015

La Prima Catering is working hard to make farm to table catering the norm for corporate and social events. It is our philosophy that green catering should be easy and affordable for everyone. Our partnership with local farmers allows us to provide locally sourced, sustainably grown veggies to you at no additional cost.

Throughout the year, our partners at Groundworks Farm harvest thousands of pounds of produce specifically for our meals at La Prima Catering. We then use the produce in our day-to-day catering menu items, informing our customers of the great selections that are available.

For instance, throughout the summer we have received an average of 1,000 lbs of plum tomatoes each week from Groundworks Farm. These little wonders are delicious right off the vine, but Chef Kyle Vermeulen takes them one step further - slow roasting them for over 8 hours to a sweet perfection. Our slow roasted tomatoes can be found in many of our signature recipes including our Papardelle Pasta Salad, Asparagus and Roasted Tomatoes, and more. Try some today!

This great assortment of veggies provides an abundance of different nutrients and flavors, all year round - yet another way that we are making our delicious meals healthier and more sustainable.

Our relationship with the farm allows us to provide these locally sourced, sustainably grown veggies to you at no additional cost. This is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices.

If you are planning a farm to table event and are interested in specific selections, we also offer Grown-to-Order events. Just call in to discuss the date of your event, and we will coordinate with our farmers and chefs to create a customized grown to order menu made with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Sign up to receive our Farm to Table Emails and contact your customer representative to find out what is fresh from the farm this week!


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