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Eco-Friendly Tips for the Workplace

Earth in Hands
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In our world today, going green is important to promote resource conservation and sustainability. Check out these tips on how to keep the workplace eco-friendly and contribute to a healthy planet.

Conserve Water

  • Provide stainless steel commuter cups for all employees and stay away from bottled water or foam cups.
  • Pour leftover water in plants rather than drains.
  • Shut off water to unused areas of the office.

Eat Responsibly

Research your catering companies to make sure they offer green service options, such as compostable plates and cutlery, locally-sourced food, and composting and recycling services, free of charge. Opt for vegetarian entrées at least once during the week – filling baked ziti, pastas, chilis and calzones are all great healthy vegetarian options that vegetarians and meat-lovers can agree on.

Want to pack a lunch? Check out these easy and healthy lunches, great for work.

Go Paperless

  • Create a shared folder on your computer system for all employees and post all work-related materials. This will allow employees to easily access all documents at any time on their computer.
  • Create ‘fillable’ forms online so employees and clients can submit any paperwork online.
  • Request online statements from banks and other services.
  • Pay bills online.

Want more ideas to promote a paperless office? Read through these 14 tips!

Print Smart

The average U.S. office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

  • Print on both sides of paper rather than just one side.
  • Use the back of old documents or faxes to print.
  • Avoid color printing.
  • Recycle all unused paper.

Green your PC

Entrepreuner.com advises, ‘greening your PC’ will make your office computer more efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Put computers in standby or hibernation mode when they are not being used during the workday.
  • Shutdown all computers completely at the end of the work day.
  • Use laptops rather than desktops for more efficiency as they use 80% less energy.

Green Commuting

Nature.org states, “American workers spend an average of 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour traffic. This adds up to 23 billion gallons of gas wasted in traffic each year. With 75 percent of Americans getting to work by driving solo, green commuting offers an opportunity to make a big difference for the environment.”

  • Telecommute: Work with HR and see if telecommuting is an option a few days during your work week.
  • Carpool: Link up with co-workers who live in your area or take the same route as you do.
  • Public Transportation: This can save you money on gas prices too!
  • Bike: If you live in a city or small town, consider biking as a great alternative to a car.


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