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Impress the Boss: Tips to Plan a Smooth Office Meeting

Fail to Plan
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Planning a meeting is a task most professionals will face at least once in their lifetime. This task can be worrisome if you are not sure where to begin. We have found the top helpful tips that will surely impress your boss and make your meeting a success.

Tip #1: Know the Purpose

Before planning a successful meeting, knowing why you’re meeting is the first step. Figure out what type of meeting it is and why it is being held. This will be the foundation of your meeting and help you gather all necessary resources.

Tip #2: Have an Agenda

Creating an agenda will not only help guide you through the meeting but will help all attendees as well. Allison Drake, a writer at Digital Telepathy, says that an agenda is a great way to “set expectations and keep the meeting organized and productive.”

Tip #3: Know your Audience

Understanding who will attend the meeting is an extremely important factor when planning. Knowing the audience will help shape your communication, content and tone during the meeting.

Tip #4: Timing is Everything

The time of day the meeting takes place will help decide the type of environment needed and whether or not breaks are necessary. For example, If you are having a meeting in the morning, it may be best to provide breakfast snacks and coffee.

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Paying attention to the small things is what will really impress your boss. Having an agenda to give to attendees, providing breaks, having the proper environment and other factors mentioned above, will guide you in a successful meeting.


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