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4 Benefits of Grown-to-Order Catering

Groundworks Farm

Hiring a catering company for your events are a great way to minimize planning stress and impress your guests. Grown-to-order catering has amazing benefits that will not only benefit your guests but the environment as well. Check out these 4 core benefits on why you should choose grown-to-order catering!

1| Helps the Local Economy

Ordering grown-to-order catering helps support local farmers and their families. Bringing income back to farms helps the local economy grow!

2| Environmentally Friendly

Locally sourced foods are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability as there is less distance traveled from the farm to your plate! Here at La Prima Catering, we work with sustainable farmers, using organic growing practices, for minimal environmental impacts.

3| Healthier Choices

It’s hard to go wrong with any grown to order meals! Seasonal options give you a constant, diverse variety of foods to choose from. With an abundance of seasonal vegetables, fruits, meats, and cheeses, you overall make healthier choices.

4| Eat Cruelty-Free

Many locally sourced catering companies support cruelty-free animal lives. At La Prima Catering, locally sourced meats are pasture-raised. Each animal lives out a happy, fulfilling life. They have plenty of space for grazing, frolicking and doing whatever farm animals love to do!

Planning out your grown-to-order meals with farmers and chefs in advance allows you to customize your menu to your palate. Here at La Prima Catering, if you are interested in exotic cuisine or family recipes, we can grow exactly what you need as long as it is in season. Contact us for more information!


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