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Our Winter Harvest

February 24, 2014

With this wild weather coming to an end (hopefully), we are proud to share our first harvest of hydroponic vegetables!

Water Wheel
Hydroponic water wheel in our Columbia, Maryland kitchen

At our Columbia location, we recently introduced a hydroponic water wheel as an extension of our efforts to source locally. The hydroponic system allows us to grow lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and other produce year-round.

Our first harvest of lettuce made for an excellent salad – tasting fresher and more natural than grocery store produce.

Winter Harvest
Winter harvest of our hydroponic lettuce and other fresh produce

Maybe it is the satisfaction of growing it ourselves, or perhaps it is the freshness of locally sourced foods that trumps the taste of produce that has traveled around the world. Whatever it is that draws us to this lifestyle, we can’t seem to get enough of it!

Throughout the year, we source as many ingredients as possible from our garden, partner farms, and now, our fantastic new hydroponic wheel.

Stay tuned for more yummy photos and home-grown inspiration!


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