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Hydroponics Provide Fresh Veggies

January 23, 2014

La Prima Food Group recently invested in a large hydroponic wheel for our Columbia, Maryland kitchen. Now, even when it is freezing cold outside and our garden lays dormant, we are growing our own tomatoes, lettuce and herbs with the power of this new technology.

Water Wheel
Hydroponic water wheel at La Prima Catering

It may look like something out of a science fiction film, but this hydroponic system is growing fresh vegetables and herbs, even in the thick of winter! Hydroponic systems use water and artificial sunlight to grow local food year-round. The large water wheel is constantly revolving around a UV light source, providing the plants with everything that they need to grow.

In traditional growing, soil is used to hold minerals and protect the plants, but with hydroponics, the environment is completely controlled indoors and out of the elements. The plants are able to retrieve all the necessary “food” to survive through mineral deposits in the water. In many situations, hydroponic growing is actually cleaner and more efficient than “traditional” methods.