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A Field Trip to Groundworks Farm

May 10, 2013

On Monday, May 6th, the sales and event managers of La Prima and Catering by Seasons woke up bright and early to venture onto the farm. We were excited to learn more about Groundworks Farm and what it truly means to be farm to table.

Groundworks Farm

Upon our arrival, we were given a great tour of the land – through it’s open pasture and 40+ acres of agricultural land.

The farm’s two greenhouses were flourishing with activity as many of the crops had sprouted just in time for spring transplanting. Farmer Margaret Evans spoke about the wide variety of different vegetables, flowers and herbs being grown. From gooseberries to eggplant and beyond, there were dozens of different varieties. Of course there were also the staples – tomatoes, lettuce and basil – along with many more!

Groundworks Farm2

Margaret then took us out to the fields to show the complicated irrigation system and different methods of planting. She pulled out tiny lettuce plants and little leaves of baby spinach to show of the early spring roots.

Groundworks Farm3

After a lunch of grilled pasture raised chicken and stuffed portobello mushrooms, we were ready to get our hands dirty. The staff of La Prima and Vin 909, a farm to table restaurant and wine cafe located in Annapolis, joined together to transplant an entire greenhouse of tomato plants! Row upon row, we dug holes, planted and watered for much of the afternoon.

Through this experience, we all gained important insight on how to further improve our environmental practices and bring our customers the very best of farm to table food.

Groundworks Farm4
Groundworks Farm5

After a hard day’s work, the staff of La Prima gathered around the tractor to take one last picture. Dirty, tired and fully enriched, we piled into the van for our drive back to the city.


"The Pakistani delegation loved the food prepared for their luncheon, one question? Could you open a restaurant in Pakistan? "

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