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Our Partner: Groundworks Farm

Groundworks Farm

With a passion for fresh locally sourced ingredients, we began a partnership with Groundworks Farm, allowing us to integrate local, organically grown produce into the meals we serve every day! They are a CSA-based (community-supported agriculture) sustainable farm located in Pittsville, Maryland. On their 55 acres of land, farmers Margaret Evans and Kevin Brown grow a wide variety of vegetables using only sustainable, natural methods. In addition, they raise and sell pastured meat as well as eggs from their pasture-raised hens.

Groundworks Farm grows all produce 100% organically. With annual nutrient level tests, organic soil amendments, resting fields and cover-cropping, Groundworks reaches the next level in organic produce. Their animals live like animals should, moving freely around their pastures. Their chickens are pasture-raised and their pigs are able to dig, root, mulch and fertilize!

Groundworks provides a direct connection between customer and farmer, supplying Winter-Spring and Summer-Fall shares! These shares include Vegetables, Eggs, Chicken, Meat, Cheese, and more. There are four different pickup locations with varying days and times for everyone's convenience.

It is easy to see why Groundworks Farm has become our loved partner! If you are interested in a Winter-Spring or Summer-Fall Share, check out their site for more information.


"I can’t thank you all enough for filling my request at the last minute. At another company, I used to deal with Ashley. She is amazing and has always been so willing to help. I was very happy when I called and she answered the phone."

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